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Summertime... Places to Enjoy the Heat

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With temps nearing 100 degrees, its safe to say that summer has snuck up on us yet again. When it gets this hot, there are few things that sound more natural than being immersed in water. Fortunately for all of us in the Black Hills, there are many options to cool ones toes.


The largest lake in the Hills and full of beauty and potential fun. Whether you want to relax on the water's edge with a pole in your hand, park your pontoon in one of its many secluded coves, jetski, waterski or wakeboard, or cliff jump, this place has it all. Pactola Marina has plenty of rentals to help out those without their own toys.


Slightly smaller than Pactola but no less beautiful. Unlike Pactola, the beaches are nice enough to spend a few hours and the water doesn't completely take away your breath when you jump in. Sheridan Marina also offers boat rentals and fishing supplies.


With the granite domes rising directly out of the water, Sylvan Lake is definitely one of the most aesthetic lakes in the Hills. Its beach is marginal and its rocks get quite crowded in the summer; however, if you are in Custer State Park and need to cool off after one of its many hikes, this is a good choice.

Center Lake, Legion Lake, Stockade Lake

All three of these lakes are located amidst the Wildlife Loop and each contain beautiful spots for a picnic, fishing or simply relaxing.

Deerfield and Roubaix

Both of these lakes are small but secluded and have camping spots within view of the lake. If you're looking for a lake in the middle of the woods where you can find your own piece of paradise, either of these will suffice.

Regardless of which lake you choose and your reason for going (fishing, relaxing, watersports, beer drinking, etc.), you'll be glad you did and will be guaranteed to walk away with a memory that marks the quintessence of summertime.

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